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Research Technology CUI Environment Training is a Course

Research Technology CUI Environment Training

Started Apr 29, 2020

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Full course description

Overview: This course will provide general knowledge on Controlled Unclassified Data and include best practices to be aware of when working with sensitive data. The course will include an in-depth look at University of Maryland’s Controlled Unclassified Information Environment (CUIE) which was launched as a solution for researchers working with CUI data.

Learning Objectives:

·       To understand the purpose, goals, and objectives of the Controlled Unclassified Information Program.

·       To be able to define requirements associated with the ability to maintain, share, and store CUI data in your work environment

·       To provide an in-depth understanding of how the newly deployed UMD CUI Environment operates and can be utilized by researchers on campus

·       To be able to detect, identify, and understand how to best mitigate insider threats posed to the UMD CUI Environment.